Tuesday, June 8, 2010

yasser mohamed talks about football

yasser mohamed will talk today about big players injuries before the world cup, yasser knows that it's old news but didn't i tell you if you didn't like it step outside yasser mohamed speaks to himself .

the world cup is so close, but what the hell?? great players are injured and will miss the damn competition. what a damn misfortune.
ballack: the german midfielder was injured during the FA cup final after a stupid tackle from a reckless, Germany midfield will suffer very much according to this injury.
Drogba: what a bad luck maybe miss the competition according to an injury in a friendly match damn bad luck.
ferdinand: more than bad luck, got injured during training session.
Robben: the glassy player, injured after he tried to pass the ball with his ankle.
Nani: i heard that nany got injuried today.
so who is next to miss the cup
yasser mohamed


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